Tax Return

Whatever type of business you have, be it a sole trader, partnership or limited company, a tax return must be completed to declare your income to HMRC and to let them know how much tax is due.


Unfortunately, not submitting your tax return on time can result in considerable penalties and interest being accrued by HMRC. Therefore, it’s so important to put arrangements in place early on to ensure everything is completed on time.


Apex Professionals will help you to Calculate your tax liability, prepare your annual tax return and submit your tax return. We will also consider tax relief while preparing your tax return. We also advise on tax planning to minimise your capital gain tax.


We prepare and file your corporation tax returns and maintain your tax records and Deal with Tax Office on your behalf. As well as completing your corporation tax return, we can provide you with advice on your tax position and the planning opportunities available to you including advice on tax-efficient profit extraction strategies for owner-managers.


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