Recent Years Auto Enrolment became compulsory for all types of UK businesses to operate an auto enrolment pension scheme for qualifying employees, with the contribution both the employees and employers.


In consequence of which it become an additional financial burden to these businesses. We provide support to the businesses struggling to cope with additional cost in administering the compliance to minimise this burden. Equally ensuring the compliance to the auto enrolment duties requirements which is the key factor for the successful implementation as well as ongoing compliance.


Although workplace pension scheme is a new concept, time- consuming, complex our team is well equipped to offer you unparallel support and assistance to keep financial burden to the lowest extent.


Selection of the pension scheme is also another important task which has impacts to the business in different dimensions. Our payroll team can assist in choosing the best scheme. They are ready to set up and administer the scheme on your behalf ensuring ongoing compliance to the latest auto enrolment regulations.


Please call us on 0161 222 4155 to book a free consultation with one of our auto enrolment experts.

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